Sweet Appeal


The Person

Chandra Shasteen is the owner and confectioner of Sweet Appeal. Graduate of Le Cordon Blue in Patisserie and Baking. Professional back ground in Artisan Bakeries along with large wholesale bakeries.

The Idea

A co-worker confided in Chandra of the unfortunate discovery of her fathers cancer and how he was going through chemo. Wanting to help, she came up with an old fashion tack candy made with apple cider, lemon, and ginger. She had hoped that this may give her friends father some relief and may entice him to eat. He came to really enjoy it and so the idea for more candies was born.


We take pride in only using the best all natural and organic ingredients in all our products. We make sure that nothing artificial or any additives are added to any ingredient. We also don’t add any preservatives to our products. 100% handcrafted by skilled and train staff to ensure quality and best sanitation procedures.